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Attraction Marketing, the art of attracting people you don’t know to want to know you better, is actually pretty simple and easy to understand and implement once you understand a few things.  In this post, I share two simple and easy attraction marketing strategies.

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Video: Two Simple and Easy Strategies for Attraction Marketing

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What is Attraction Marketing?

Simply put, attraction marketing is taking actions or creating content that will entice and allure people you do not know to want to you better and want to buy from you, join your business, or even date you.

Most people do NOT understand attraction marketing because they think that in order to attract people to them they must have results or success, which is not the case.

Oftentimes when people think about attraction marketing strategies they ask themselves the following questions:

  1. What should I write about?
  2. Why would someone listen to me?
  3. How do I get people to like me?

If you ask me, those are the wrong questions to be asking. Why? Because they are ALL focused on YOU.

To do attraction marketing well, you must be focused on the OTHER person, their needs, not yours. Attraction marketing is about doing things in a certain way to get other to want to be around you.

Any action or marketing you do where the other person does not benefit but you clearly do is the opposite of attraction marketing. It’s repellent marketing. Rejection marketing.

Examples of Repellent Marketing

Here are some examples of repellent marketing and rejection marketing.

  1. Like my page at _______, I would really appreciate it!
  2. Click the link in my bio to join my business opportunity.

How the heck do those statements benefit the other person? I doesn’t.

You always want to think, what’s in it for them

A better way to accomplish the above is, “If you got value for my video or post, do me a favor and like my fan page at ______, or If you got value from my video and want to learn about what I’m working on, do my a favor and click the link below.

You’re inviting them to do something, because you’ve shared with them some valuable information.

Two Easy Attraction Marketing Strategies

1. Take pictures and videos of you enjoying lifestyle stuff with friends and your family.

Want to know why people flock to reality TV and social media? Because they want to escape from their real life. Let them live through you. If you currently don’t take cool vacation or do fun things, why not start now? Click here to see how I’m able to travel and do some cool things. 

This little tip may just vastly improve your life and make you a better attraction marketer.

2. To be great at attraction marketing, stop focusing on yourself and provide some value. Identify problems your target market has and then buy books, courses, attend webinars on how to solve these problems and then write about them or shoot videos (Facebook Live Streams are great) solving those problems.

For example: A lot of my target market struggle with recruiting people and generating leads online for their business. I don’t talk all day on how many people I recruit or how many leads I’ve generated. Instead, I offer tips, suggestions, training, courses and the attraction marketing system I use to recruit and generate leads online. I focus on my viewer, not me.

Understand this concept and you will absolutely crush it in your business.

but instead offer tips, suggestions and even courses on how to easily recruit people into your opportunity. I focus on my readers, not myself. It is actually easier to do this than to pound your own chest with every video or blog.

Follow these above two rules and you WILL be attracting more business and interest to you!

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