Talk to any Top Earner in the network marketing profession and more than likely they'll say that the key to success in recruiting for network marketing is prospecting.

And while this is absolutely true if you're building your business the old school way – primarily offline, if you know how to effectively use Facebook and other social media platforms, prospecting is not necessary anymore.

Here's why.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy to apply this strategy.  You can use it if you have a Facebook account and learn how to use a simple top secret weapon.

You're probably already using Facebook or other social media platforms to grow your business, but most likely you are just using old-school prospecting methods on the Internet.

Let me ask you, are you…

  • Contacting family members or friends to introduce them to your opportunity?
  • Spamming FB groups with your copied-and-pasted messages?
  • Sending friend requests to complete strangers that look sharp (saying you look like a likeminded individual) and asking them to join your team?
  • And using other time-wasting ineffective strategies?

Yes, I know you are because I used them all, and with little or no results.

If I had continued that way, Facebook would have permanently shut down my account.
Hopefully, you're not in Facebook jail while you're reading this post and you still have your account, so you can apply the following proven strategy of recruiting for network marketing without prospecting.
If you don't have a Facebook account, go ahead and make one now. 
So why is Facebook the perfect platform to build your team?

Recruiting For Network Marketing: Why Facebook Is Perfect?

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook is by far the most valuable.

Not only are there 2.23 billion monthly active users, it's the world's largest collection of behavioral data.

What does this mean for your network marketing recruiting techniques?  It means your ideal prospects and customers are on Facebook and Facebook knows a lot about them.

Before I dive into how to recruit for network marketing using Facebook and how to do it without annoying everyone, there's one key thing you must remember and that is…

People aren't on Facebook or any social media platform to be sold. Click To Tweet

No one on Facebook is actively looking for a solution to a problem.  In fact, it's probably just the opposite.  They're looking for an escape like catching up with family or friends or watching the latest viral cat video.

Essentially, people turn to Facebook to connect, share, be entertained (and informed).

The point is that (normally), people are not on Facebook for a business purpose.  Therefore, if you try and sell your opportunity right out of the gate then you will simply be ignored.

So you may be asking yourself is recruiting for network marketing possible on Facebook?

The short answer: YES! And when you use the Top Secret Weapon, you'll recruit more people FASTER without prospecting.

But in order for this strategy to work for you, you need a Facebook business page.  In my free guide, I show you how to set up a Facebook page. Click Here To Read It Now!

Recruiting For Network Marketing: Unleashing The Top Secret Weapon

Now that you have your Facebook page set up, it's time to unleash the Top Secret Weapon that makes recruiting for network marketing without prospecting on Facebook.

This is a strategy that I've been using with a few of my coaching clients and they have been getting amazing results.

FREE Training: How To Enroll 3 - 5 People Per Week Without Prospecting A Single Person?

WARNING: They don't want you to know about this Top Secret Weapon


Case Studies: Recruiting for Network Marketing Using a Top Secret Weapon

Grab This Awesone PDF In Messenger

This secret tool, aka ManyChat, allows you to set up automated messages to be people who message your business page and qualify them for your product, service or opportunity.

In the two examples above, my clients Scott, Rhonda and Karen created a Facebook Ad that offers an e-book.  The e-book is then delivered in Facebook messenger where now they both have a series of questions that further qualifies the prospect for samples or to get them on a presentation to learn more about their business opportunity.

Powerful right?

Imagine if all you had to do was join the conversation at the moment that your prospect was ready to watch your presentation.   Would you have more time to focus on other parts of your business?

Want to learn how to set this all up for your particular business?

Register now for my upcoming training, where I'm going to show you how to enroll 3- 5 people per week using Facebook Messenger Without Prospecting a Single Person?  Click Here To Register!

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