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The network marketing tips and tricks I learned this past weekend in Las Vegas will transform your business and life.

There were several things I learned from Eric Worre, Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson, but today the network marketing tips I’m going to share might seem simplistic, but I promise they are quite profound.

How you close one month, is how you open the next one.  And how you close the year determines how you bring in the next one.

So if you want to have an awesome and amazing 2017, hit all your goals, and exceed the highest income you’ve ever earned, you must work backwards from there.

It really begins with you having an amazing firs quarter and that only happens if you and your team….


You may be asking yourself, but what does that really mean?  What are the specific network marketing tips for guaranteed success?

Here’s what it looks like.  It looks like being smart, listening and planting seeds. Not pitching your family and friends over the dinner table or giving your business card to the cashier wrapping your holiday gifts.

Yes, there are some people who believe that nothing gets done over the holiday season, that people are too busy, and because they believe that it becomes true for them.

And yet, there are others who realize that while most of the world shuts down, they have a unique opportunity to leapfrog ahead by being active and start the new year with momentum.

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Video: 7 Easy Network Marketing Tips to Crush 2017

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7 Easy Network Marketing Tips to Crush 2017

Here are the 7 network marketing tips to crush 2017 and make it the most lucrative year you’ve ever had:

1. Change Your Mindset About the Holidays – decide that holiday shutdown belief doesn’t serve you and lose it forever. Decide to be productive this year and every year during the holidays from now on.

2. Maintain Your Daily Routine – maintain your usual weekly class, webinars or other training and recruiting events through December. If thy fall on a holiday, move them forward or backward a day, but keep the routine.

3. Work Your List – work your prospect list around the calendar and focus on who you can call, not on who you can’t call.

4. Focus on Team Growth – one of the biggest network marketing tips is to build your team’s confidence to meet people, invite, follow up and close. Make a push today to get all your people signed up for the 30-Day Home Business Success Mastermind, my 30-day boot camp to ensure that you go into 2017 with momentum.

You get access to this when you purchase your risk-free 30-Day Trial of My Lead System Pro, the online marketing and training platform that I use.

5. Plant Seeds – if you’re attending holiday parties with colleagues or dinner with family and friends, listen. You’re likely to hear from a lot of people complaining about their boss or job, wishing they were doing something more meaningful, and (lots of them) talking about the financial strain the holiday season has placed upon them.

DO NOT!  I repeat DO NOT make your pitch over pumpkin pie or the honey-baked ham.  Just let them know you have something that might help them, and you’ll be following up within a few days.

6. Take Advantage of “POWER WEEK” – The week between Christmas and New Years is what I like to call power week. Half the world is doing nothing but watching movies, reruns and on social media.

They’re off from work or even if they’re working, their mind isn’t. They are checking e-mails and taking phones calls. It’s a great to to reach people.

7. Come Out Strong in 2017 – you may not get great attendance for a live meeting on New Years Eve or Day, but you can schedule a webinar for those dates and even a LIVE event for January 2nd.

They’ll start making calls and trying to get their prospect to something the following week. You can stay ahead of them by having something on the books for the 2nd and inviting to it the week between Christmas and New Years.

In closing, let your competitors go into a black hole for five weeks. You use that time to stay active and keep focused on your long-term goals.

The best part of this is, because most other people are taking the holidays off, every activity you do will produce twice the normal results for you!

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