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Are you in an MLM travel company and want to dominate it and crush it?  In this article, I share four tips that your upline probably didn’t tell you, but it will help you build a travel empire.  

I absolutely love to travel and the MLM travel industry.  Through the industry, I’ve been to some really cool places here in the United States and abroad, including Thailand, Cambodia, Abu Dhabi, Barbados, Ghana, just to name a few.  If you want to learn how I’ve been able to travel and discounted prices through my travel club, click here to message me on Facebook and I’ll tell you more about it. 

So let’s get the party started…

Four Tips to Easily Dominate Your MLM Travel Company

Educate and Provide More Value

Education is NOT telling people about vacation packages or sharing the prices for upcoming cruises and events, it’s about providing education that is valuable whether they buy your thing or not. The goal here as Jason Fried in his book “Rework” says is to out-teach your competition.

This holds true not just for network marketers in travel MLM companies, but all niches.  The average network marketer does very little actual education that isn’t product specific.  If you want to stand out and be the trusted travel authority who people will buy from you must educate.

You can educate people by following Ray Higdon’s model of Invest, Learn, Teach or ILT.  You invest your time and possibly money to learn something (from a book, webinar, course, seminar, other people’s content) and then you teach from your notes and what you learned.

Subscribe to and/or Read Travel Magazines

Pay attention to authorities and magazines that are niche related that aren’t network marketing focused.   An example would be while checking out at the grocery line or in the magazine section of the bookstore.  Take a look at what’s on the shelves related to travel.   These magazines are the highest selling magazines and are filled with copy from the best copywriters.

Use the headlines in these magazines.  Headlines on the front of a magazine are not unique or proprietary and you can use those same headlines for your blogs and videos. Instead of coming up with titles yourself, look at the headlines they use and pick ones that are congruent with what you are offering then shoot a video sharing education around that headline. Your video views will go through the roof. Make sure you have a call to action in the video so people know to reach out to you.

Invite Your Friends To Check Out The Product

Get your friends to support you in buying the product. Too often people get into network marketing and hammer their friends and family with becoming business builders.  Most people aren’t looking to start a business and it’s not natural at all.  What is natural is for people to support you by buying your product, if positioned correctly.

Imagine if you were selling girl scout cookies or candles, wouldn’t it be easier to approach your warm market and it wouldn’t be weird?  Absolutely.  But most network marketers who get started in an MLM travel company or other company turn to their warm market and go for the juggernaut and pitch them the million dollar business opportunity, which is just a weird conversation.

A simple conversation that goes something like this,  “Hey, I’m just started with a travel membership company and I since I know that you travel a lot for work and you mentioned previously that you’d love to take your kids on more vacations, I thought this might be something you’d want to check out.”

Stop Mentioning Your Company On Social Media

This a major problem on social media and top earners and leaders do this all the time because they have established a record of success so they don’t care who is turned off and quite frankly, they already have their business taken care of.

The reality is, YOU don’t have as big a following as they do, so you need to NOT raise resistance by talking about your company name but instead raise curiosity by educating people on travel.

When you mention your company name and you aren’t already a top earner, anyone that was interested will google it before they reach out to you and we know what happens when anyone googles anything…we are trained to look for negativity and will find the one guy in North Dakota that calls it a scam. Get them wondering what you are doing and up to and that will happen when you DON’T talk about your company name but instead talk education and benefits of your product without naming the product.

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