We Help Businesses Grow. (Period.)

Give us 60 Minutes. 
We’ll Get You an Ad!

Jump on a 60-Minutes call with one of our experts, and we’ll create an effective Facebook ad for you.

Requirements: All you need is a computer, internet connection, and a product or service to sell!

Consider us the marketing PARTNER who runs your ad campaigns for you!

You focus on what you’re great at (running your business) while we do what we are exceptional at (running your ad campaigns!)

Requirements: All you need is a product or service to sell and a marketing budget of at least $2,500/ month.

The Ultimate Partnership
My name is Antonio, and I started doing what I am doing because I had a passion for helping people. I discovered I had a talent for helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Man, it was so rewarding hearing business owners about how business was picking up. I was helping others do what they were passionate about, and that was an awesome feeling!

Before I knew it, the demand for my talent was growing, and I opened The Antonio Thompson Marketing company. I trained other marketing experts on my exact blueprint, and today, I have helped to scale hundreds of businesses like yours!

Imagine not having to worry about where the clients are coming from… Imagine easily scaling your business without the stress of figuring out how to do that!
We specialize in: 

  • ADVERTISING STRATEGY: You need a marketing strategy that is fresh, relevant, and will help you get the results you need. We live and breathe advertising strategy. Let us do what we do best!
  • ALWAYS REMAIN COMPLIANT: Let’s face it, Facebook and Instagram change their rules, algorithms, and platforms A LOT. We can help you stay on top of that.
  • STAY AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION: We’re never asleep at the wheel! Our campaigns are lively, effective, and leaps ahead of the competition.
  • ​ATTRACT THE PERFECT CLIENTS: The beautiful thing about advertising is that you can attract the perfect client for your business. Attract ready-to-buy customers who are already looking for your product or service! (Think of us as the lighthouse showing them the way to your product!)
  • EVERGREEN RESULTS: Get results that last all year long. Don’t rely on launches, sales, and promotions to keep your business going. That can be downright exhausting and not always the best use of your time. We’ll send over a steady flow of eager clients all year.
  • ​MAINTAIN OPTIMIZED CAMPAIGNS: We’ll never let one ad eat up all of your budget. We watch to make sure your ads are low cost and high producing.
  • and so much more!

Our slots fill up FAST. This is because our experts put A LOT of time and effort into each one of the small businesses we help to scale. As slots open up, we promote them, but to be honest, we fill up quickly. Now is one of those times! Act fast!
 I am honored that my humble business has been able to help so many people!

Brian F.

Co-Founder and CEO, MyLeadSystemPro

Margaret P.

Co-Creator of Inner Bonding

Adam C.

Lifestyle Marketer & Visionary Entrepreneur

Lisa T.

Creator of BossQuad Academy

Ryan and Wes M.

Founders, Intentional Lifestyle Creators

Justice E.

Inspired Marketer, Networker and Trainer

Karen W.

Powerhouse Entrepreneur and Home Business Coach

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