There are a variety of reasons to use Facebook Messenger for business.  With more and more people using the Facebook Messenger app, it’s an incredibly popular and efficient way for businesses to communicate directly with their customers and potential customers.

In the past, Facebook Messenger was thought of as just a way to chat with friends or keep in touch with relatives.  Now, Facebook Messenger could be the most powerful marketing tools online for building your business's presence and increasing customer engagement.

That’s why Messenger marketing has become so hot.  It’s simply the art (and science) of reaching your ideal prospects and customers using Facebook Messenger, much in the same way marketers have relied on e-mail marketing and newsletters. 

The only difference is it’s not a one-way channel where you push messages out – it’s a two-way communication channel. 

Facebook Messenger will become one of your most important marketing channels as consumers simply are moving away from the noise of e-mail.  Messenger marketing can yield over 80 percent open rates, multiples more effective than e-mail. 

This makes developing a marketing strategy around Messenger critical to your business.

Not convinced?  Here are the 7 Reasons To Use Facebook Messenger For Business.

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How To Get 3 – 5 People Per Day Asking You About Your Product, Service or Opportunity Using Facebook Messenger?

6 Reasons To Use Facebook Messenger For Business

People Are Messaging More Than Anything Else

A recent Nielsen survey showed that messaging is the second-most popular form of communication for customers interacting with businesses.

On average, 2 billion messages are being sent between businesses and people each month on Messenger, you can’t afford to miss out on this valuable opportunity to communicate and connect with your target audience using Facebook Messenger for business.

These days, it is very common to find more and more people using the messenger app to communicate with one another. This makes sense when you consider that brands need to be where the customers are. This includes facebook messenger as a very logical platform option. In fact, the rise in messenger apps could add value to the customer who seeks a more customized and personal experience with a brand.

Still not convinced why you should use Facebook messenger in business? Check out the infographic below from Facebook.

People Are Getting Tired of Seeing Ads In Their NewsFeed

While Facebook offers the unique opportunity to pay for display advertisement at really cheap prices, mounting evidence and recent adjustments to Facebook's algorithm suggests that people are tired of seeing too many ads in their newsfeed.

Additionally, Facebook has over 5 million+ advertisers competing for your attention. Using Facebook Messenger for business can offer an alternative way to build your audience, engage them, improve social reach and also sell to them.

Facebook Messenger Is a Personal Experience

In their personal lives, your customers spend approximately five times longer messaging (texting) every day than they do on voice calls. They're texting their mom, grandparents, siblings, and friends.

Messenger is an intimate space and as a business owner, if you're invited into this space you're almost on the same level as a close relative.

Notifications Come Directly To Your Phone

Unlike e-mail, users receive a notification on their phone when new messages come in.  Meaning they are more likely to acutally see your message and reply to it.

More Than Just a Communication Tool

Now more than ever, Messenger Bots are becoming more progressive and intricate.  To learn how messenger bots can assist you in your messenger marketing strategy, schedule a complimentary demo.

As messenger apps are continuing to evolve, they are providing brands with the tools necessary to communicate with customers in a more direct way.

This allows customers to feel like they are not just continuously getting spammed with coupons and information.

Consumer Shift Is Happening FAST

People are already using messaging apps. Therefore, it is not a stretch to have businesses begin using these apps as well. What’s important though is that businesses use messaging

Convinced that Facebook Messenger is here to stay? Here are some simple ways you can use Facebook Messenger for business:

  • Provide Education and Value. Messenger marketing should serve as an extension of your businesses’ content marketing strategy. Your goal should be to nurture relationships with your prospective customers and current customers and provide them immediate value without any work on their part.
  • Automate your customer service. Messenger bots can automatically respond to queries, and Facebook's Smart Replies feature lets you create responses to common queries.
  • Automatically recover abandoned carts. Messenger's “Send to Messenger” plugin lets you get permission to send messages via an opt-in on your website. One of the best uses of this plugin is to send Facebook messages whenever someone abandons a cart on your e-commerce store. Many of Facebook's preferred software providers offer this functionality.
  • Invite Your Audience To Purchase Products. Using Facebook Messenger in a way that provides value, builds a relationship and rapport with your audiences, positions your products and service in front of a highly targeted and engaged audience that is open to buying

The bottom line is that Facebook Messenger marketing can help your business when used in the right way, and that opportunity is growing.

Using Facebook Messenger for business should not replace your existing marketing strategy, it should augment everything you’re doing on the marketing and sales side to create a unique and interconnected customer experience.

Want assistance incorporation Facebook Messenger marketing into your business? Click here and schedule your complimentary demo.

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