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Running a Facebook Ad for your business can assist you in growing your brand exponentially, but most home business owners and network marketers make 3 critical Facebook advertising mistakes.

These three big Facebook advertising mistakes that most home business owners and network marketers make are probably why they think that Facebook paid ads don’t work,  which I believe is complete bologna and foolish.  I’ve personally create a Facebook ad that has generated me over 100 high-quality leads for less that $1.50/lead and another that produced 5 sales in my business.

In this blog post and short video, I expose the 3 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes you’re probably making and begin the conversation of using Facebook ads the right way in your business.

[NOTE:  Want more tips on using Facebook ads for network marketing?  My mentor and coach Justice Eagen is releasing a 4-part video series where he’s going to.  Click Here To Watch It Now]

Video: 3 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes You’re Probably Making




Facebook Ad Mistakes You’re Probably Making

1. Sending Clicks to Your Company Website or Store

One of the biggest mistakes network marketers make when creating a Facebook Ad is to run traffic (traffic simply means sending people to a website) to their company website or their store to purchase a product. Most websites, especially network marketing websites aren’t set up to capture your visitor’s information. So, if people are visiting your website, you have no idea who they are, unless they buy something. And as you know, it typically takes multiple visits to website before someone makes a purchase.

Additionally, when you send people to your company’s website or store, you’re providing free advertising to your company (that you’re paying for) and most likely this will not convert into sales for you. You’re basically losing and wasting money.

2. Advertising Your Products

Simply placing a Facebook ad and directing people to buy your products is another Facebook advertising mistake made by network marketers. Yes, network marketing products are some of the best in the world, but the products really don’t matter. What matters most is the benefit the user is going to receive from your product. Your marketing should communicate that. It should speak in terms of the benefit to the end user, not about the product.

Instead of advertising your products, share something of value that your audience will be more likely to consume and the on the backend you offer your products.

3. Not Having a Capture Page

Finally, not having a way to capture people’s information is another mistake made with Facebook paid ads.

Now, there a few unique ways that you can generate leads on Facebook with certain ad types and my buddy Justice in his video series will share some tips (You Can Watch The Video Series Here), but if you don’t capture their information when they visit your website, you can’t help them and they won’t buy from you.

You need to have a capture page in order to do that. Don’t have one? You can click here to get one.

Remember, over 97% of people do not buy on the first time they view your website. If there is no way to capture their contact information you have lost that lead. You’ve lost the ability to pick up the phone and call them or e-mail them to see how you can assist them.

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